Where it all began. The original naturally steeped tea with hints of Michigan apple.

For the bootch head who likes a little punch in their brew. 

Sweet and light to delight your senses. Flavored with local Michigan strawberries. 

A brew of seasonal fruits and spices. 

How It's Made

Kombucha starts off as a sugary tea that then is cultured. It is a tangy probiotic tea that can be infused with different flavors! Low calorie, and hundreds of health benefits! 

About Apple Blossom

Welcome! I'm Caley, the brewer and owner of Apple Blossom Kombucha. My fascination of kombucha and brewing began when I was sick of all the added sugars in store bought kombucha. I love using local Michigan ingredients to make my brews fresh and light with no added sugars to the second ferment! 


Apple Blossom Kombucha

Apple Blossom Kombucha is so refreshing! It has made me feel so much better after I started drinking it. A great price, and great product! 

Nick .G. Age 28

Please, reach out to us for any questions, comments, or to place an order! 

Lansing, MI 48912



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